100 days to Tokyo Olympics: 3 things to look forward to in the Summer Games

For a world plagued with negativity, the Olympics can come as a breath of fresh air for sports lovers around the globe.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 14 April 2021 05:25 PM


Japan is gearing up to host the Tokyo Olympics this year. In every sense, this will be a completely different event in light of the pandemic and the havoc it continues to wreak around the world. For a world plagued with negativity, the Olympics can come as a breath of fresh air for sports lovers around the globe.  With exactly 100 days to go for the quadrennial event, here are 3 things, among many others, to look forward to in the biggest multi-sport event on the planet.

1. "Hope" is a thing with feathers

If the Olympics indeed happens successfully, perhaps the biggest takeaway would be a hope that there is life beyond COVID-19, that the world would be able to find a way to cross the pandemic and go back to living a life which perhaps the human race took for granted. It will be a strong message to all the countries that against a common enemy like the dreaded virus, no country- big or small-can claim to be safe.

2. The emergence of new sporting stars

Sports in so many ways reflect the life and just like in life there are times we need to pass the baton to someone else, the Tokyo Olympics will see the baton being passed to newer, perhaps yet to be discovered stars. There will be a new winner post the Usain Bolt era, there will be a new swimmer that the world will get obsessed with after Michael Phelps and perhaps there will be newer countries and flags winning more medals this time. In a world at a race to become the minarets, Tokyo Olympics could be the foundation stone of a lot of superstar athletes.

3. Nothing is now "waste"

The Tokyo Olympics is set to be the first one in the history of the event which is creating medals and trophies to be given to the athletes out of E-Waste. Smart-phones, tablets, laptops and many such discarded things which are otherwise a threat to the environment, will now be recycled and put to some productive use in the event. The idea is simple- a sustainable world, a sporting world and a better place for future generations to follow.


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