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105-year-old woman sets new 100m record at National Open Masters Athletics Championships

The event was organised by the Athletics Federation of India.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Published on - 21 June 2022 5:37 pm

105-year-old Rambai has set a new record of 45.40 seconds in 100m at the inaugural National Open Masters Athletics Championships. The event was conducted by the Athletics Federation of India which concluded in Vadodara on Sunday.

As per reports, Rambai was the lone participant in the race held in Vadodara. She had participated in the Above-100 category but the event does not have any competitors over the age of 85 years. She then went on to win the golden double in sprints after winning the 100m race on 15 June and 200m in 1 minute and 52.17 seconds on Sunday.

After winning her event, Rambai was the star of the show and was crowded with fans who wanted selfies and photographs. This group also included other competitors. Rambai’s granddaughter Sharmila Sangwan, who also contested and won medals in Vadodara was asked about her Grandmother. 

She talked about how they travelled to Delhi Charki Dadri district after completing their Covid-19 tests. She said,”I took her to Delhi on June 13 before reaching Vadodara after an RT-PCR test. We are returning home now. I’ll drop nani at her village, Kadma, which is around 150km from Delhi, in Charkhi Dadri district.”

Nani is particular about having about 250. grams of ghee daily: Sharmila

Rambai couldn’t stop chuckling when she was asked about the secret behind the success. “I eat churma, Dahi and doodh,” she said. Sharmila was also asked about her grandmother’s diet which always competes at this age.

She said, “A pure vegetarian, Nani is particular about having about 250. grams of ghee daily and 500gm of curd. She also drinks 500ml of pure milk twice a day. She likes bajre ki roti (flat bread made of millet) and doesn’t eat much rice.”

On a normal day, she runs 3-4km: Sharmila

The granddaughter then addressed that the key reason for her success and strength is her diet and the unpolluted atmosphere of the village. “My Nani works a lot in the fields. On a normal day she runs 3-4km. Most of the food she eats is grown in the village,” she said.


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