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4 talking points from Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2022

It wasn't much of a surprise, but rather a routine occurrence to see yet another dramatic, utterly unpredictable Baku race in 2022.

Dev Tyagi Author

Updated - 12 June 2022 8:33 pm

Before entering the third street course of the season, Jeddah and Monaco being the other two, the standard statutory warning issued to everyone contesting (and watching) the Baku race was about not taking the Grand Prix any lightly.

After all, this is a race venue where just about anything can and has, as a matter of fact, happened. We’ve seen in the past how two titans of the grid, picture Lewis and Max, bowed out from the 2021 contest; the latter retiring due to a sudden Pirelli tire failure whilst leading last year’s Baku Grand Prix and the former suffering massively due to an overheating brake problem.

We’d also seen a different driver winning every single Azerbaijan Grand Prix, since the event’s inception back in 2017.

This is why it wasn’t much of a surprise, but rather a routine occurrence to see yet another dramatic, utterly unpredictable Baku race in 2022, where the ones expected to mount a severe challenge to the rest, quite simply, backed out.

And at the same time, those expected to play pursuers for the better part of the contest, emerged, much to many’s surprise, as the eventual stars.

But having said that, what key moments became the talking points from the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Disaster weekend for Ferrari

Disaster had already struck the sport’s elite racing marquee by as early as lap nine, where Sainz, in fourth place, slowed down his car #55 and receded to a slow halt. A brake-by-wire problem, it was suspected, hampered the already out-of-sorts driver’s race.

He was, prior to the woe occurred, keenly battling it out with the Red Bulls realising that the only way forwards in the race was to push hard and upwards from his P4.

But the biggest blow to the Maranello-based outfit came thirteen laps later, when Charles Leclerc, pursuing the twin Red Bulls out in one and two, retired with the unbearable sight of smoke blowing out of his car#16 becoming too difficult to keep up with.

And with that, both Ferraris, who had begun one and fourth, simply registered a DNF.

Though that wasn’t all; Zhou Guanyu, who had been holding up pretty well until then in his Alfa Romeo, was also race-retired. And that meant, yet another Ferrari-engine power faltering in a key race; this time for a Ferrari customer team.

A few laps later, Kevin Magnussen, who’d been contesting a decent race pace-wise in his Ferrari-powered Haas, also retired owing to a suspected power unit issue, which in the end, cut a somber picture of four Ferrari-powered cars DNF’ing from the race.

Quite possibly, a dark day for the passionate red liveried cars, one wondered!

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