5 Sportspersons’ Sweeping Victory Over Mental Health

Athletes spend most of their time nurturing their body but the wise ones know, it is the mental fortitude which matters the most.
Niharika Lahoty Author

Updated - 5 June 2021 10:00 pm

Sports Person Mental Health

Mental health, which has taken a blind spot, for the longest time in our lives has finally found some light of recognition thanks to social media platforms where Gen Z and millennials are talking about it more than ever.  But is it enough? Is mere recognition without addressing the issue or seeking a coping mechanism of any good?

Here are 5 players who despite being remarkable athletes and an inspiration globally for the sport they play, not just battled but bounced back from the harrowing stride of mental illness. If there is anything you can find common between their stories it is the fact that they couldn’t have done it alone and are now sharing their experiences to extend their support to others.

1. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell

The Australian all-rounder suffered from a mental health issue back in 2019. He withdrew himself from a 3-match series against Sri Lanka. He took a break for a couple of months to recuperate, only to boomerang with an astounding performance for his team in the Big Bash League. He was lauded for his courage to talk about his mental health issues across the fraternity.

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