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Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest challenge for any nation was to get the economical activities going alongside maintaining the health guidelines. Work From Home (WFH) came as the best solution and was loved by everyone. It is probably the best alternative in tough times like these. WFH allows one to manage household chores along with office work. However, the former sentence itself explains the challenges associated with WFH.

Working From Home is challenging in so many ways. While Working from Office allows an individual to switch off right after he/she leaves the premises, the same option is not available in Work From Home. Another biggest challenge in WFH is looking after one’s mental health. The inconsistent work hours start to creep in even while you are resting.

This asks for five tips that will help an individual to look after the mental health:

  • Schedule your work hour- This is probably the most important thing while Working From Home. Inconsistent work hours lead to a lot of stress and also affect the overall health. A proper work schedule helps to keep up the energy till the last minute.


  • Take frequent breaks- With household chores and office work getting mixed, taking frequent breaks helps refresh your mind and release extra tension. This also helps in increasing overall efficiency.


  • Dedicated place for WFH- One mistake that has been noticed often in WFH is that individuals prefer working from their bedrooms, sitting on the couch, or in balconies. But this does not help at all. Setting up a dedicated place for your work helps to switch off easily while you take a break.


  • Don’t set impromptu goals- In order to meet deadlines, individuals tend to set impromptu goals which may help in finishing the task at the desired time. However, in a long term, it will affect the overall schedule.


  • Set up a time for Email conversations- Communication is key while WFH but it should not come in as a distraction. Thus, setting up a time for email conversations will help in maintaining efficiency as well as not stretching the working hour.