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5 unforgettable moments from Fernando Alonso’s career

Let's look back at an astonishing career and pick 5 of the countlessly inspiring moments of Alonso’s journey.

Dev Tyagi Author

Updated - 29 July 2022 12:55 pm

Fernando Alonso

Skill, speed and supremacy! Three of the many words that perhaps describe Fernando Alonso of Oviedo. That very man who’s more than a double world champion and is, in fact, a titan of the grid.

Alonso, who turns 41 on July 29, has shaped the sport in his own unique way adding to its often volatile surface – a touch of class and invincibility.

As one of the greatest ever to grace F1 celebrates his special day, SportsTiger looks back at an astonishing career and picks 5 of the countlessly inspiring moments of Alonso’s journey.

1. 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix: Return to points 

After spending two years away from the Formula 1 heat, Alonso returned to the grid in 2021 with the Alpine team. In such time, he would reach heights at checkered endurance events such as Le Mans and even marked his debut at the Dakar Rally.

The hunger to race was still very much there as was the passion to collect points, an evidence of which he gave in just the second event upon his F1 comeback.

At the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, even before the start of the race, Fernando Alonso lost control of his car owing to heavy rains and hit the wall at Tosa; it wasn’t a great sight.

Yet, he somehow managed to drive to the grid giving the Alpine mechanics a chance to repair this damaged A521.

He’d eventually recovered to collect a tenth, ending just ahead of Sergio Perez to score his first points upon returning to Formula 1.

He had proven that he could still race and score points. That the Imola race was just the second of the year (Bahrain being the season opener), was further evidence of Alonso being back in business right from the word go.

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