A long weekend on New Year's Eve meant that everyone got an opportunity to enjoy the occasion with friends and family. While some celebrated it by partying, others spent the day with their loved ones at home. However, there was one thing common in almost everyone's celebration - Good Food! From pizzas to burgers to ice-creams to cakes, the 'Happy New Year' turned into a 'Heavy New Year' in no time.

Although one must have no regrets while celebrating, it becomes important to take the right step afterwards. The weekend was great but as we enter a new week in 2022, it's time to lose some weight. It is time to incorporate a few effective changes in lifestyle to ensure that the balance between fun and fitness remains intact throughout the year.

Here are 5 ways to cut down the fat allowing you to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle:

1. Say no to cold drinks

In current times, there is no party without cold drinks, mocktails, cocktails and alcohol. However, it's high time that we start understanding the negative effect these drinks have on our bodies. Apart from the fat and sugar, there are way too many calories in these which just do not allow you to lose weight. And while you can consume them, but very occasionally, you can replace them with low-calorie drinks like green tea, sparkling water etc. for regular consumption.

2. Increase protein intake

Health advice is incomplete without talking about the benefits of protein. Apart from helping you to feel fuller, protein helps in strengthening muscles. It also boosts the metabolism, eventually aiding in the burning of fat. This is why it is highly recommended that protein-rich food items like egg, almonds, oats, milk, broccoli, chicken, quinoa, peanuts etc. are added to your regular diet which is an easy and very effective way to start the process of losing weight.

3. Avoid over-eating

One of the ways to cut down your calorie intake is by reducing the quantity of your food. The regular practice of a human being is to consume more than the body actually needs, which is one of the key reasons for putting on weight. Small changes like reducing the number of rotis, cutting down the portion of rice etc. can prove to be quite helpful and effective in your weight-loss journey. But make sure that the quantity must drop down on a slow and gradual basis.

4. Reduce consumption of sugar

In the last few months, there was Diwali, Christmas and New Year which meant lots of happiness and lots of sweets. From Laddoos to puddings, the sugar intake for most people was pretty high and it's important to balance it out with a few months of less/no sweets. The cravings need to be controlled for some time and it is time to replace them with naturally sweet items like nuts, fruits and vegetables.

5. Burn those calories

Last but not least - Exercise! While having control on diet is really important, it has to be supported with regular work-out in order to get desired results. There should be a routine where you do regular walking/jogging in addition to basis exercises like jumping jacks, skipping ropes, squats, push-ups etc. A calorie deficit is the only key to reduce weight and hence, burning calories is very essential which can be achieved primarily by doing work-outs only.