boxers COVID positive

Picture Credit: Twitter

The COVID-19 pandemic that has been looming over us for close to two years, is unfortunately here to stay for a time period longer than we know. Despite vaccination drives conducted and booster shots now slowly made available for citizens, the virus still manages to reach us. It might be noted that all sporting activities and events in enclosed or under open spaces have only recently made their comeback.

More and more members from the sporting world being affected by the virus also called for the cancellation, postponement or rescheduling of events amid a rapid surge in the number of daily infections with the outbreak of the third wave of the pandemic.

Eight more boxers have tested positive for COVID-19 in the ongoing men's national camp at NIS, Patiala on Thursday, taking the total number of cases to 26. The infected members are said to be experiencing "relatively mild symptoms".

Earlier 18 campers which included 12 boxers and six support staff members had returned positive for the virus on Wednesday and now eight more have been added to the tally after a fresh round of testing.

The camp is continuing and all those infected are in isolation with mostly mild symptoms

"Two main boxers Sumit and Rohit Mor and six of their sparring partners have tested positive. The camp is continuing and all those infected are in isolation with mostly mild symptoms, it's nothing like the second wave," a source was quoted as saying in a  PTI report.

Among the support staff infected are head coach Narender Rana and coach coordinator CA Kuttappa along with assistant coach Suranjoy Singh.

Speaking of the COVID-19 cases affecting the camp preparations, the source added, "I don't think the camp will be affected, we had around 20 cases in the second wave and proceedings went on with those infected in isolation. The symptoms experienced at that time were worse,"

Hence for now, until a decision is taken, the camp is going ahead as planned.