8-year-old tweet of a football fan predicting exact outcome of Euro 2020 final goes viral

Gianluigi Donnarumma was Italy's hero as he saved from Bukayo Saka to clinch a 3-2 penalty shootout victory over England after a 1-1 draw in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley.

Ketaki Pole Author

Updated - 12 July 2021 3:57 pm

England suffered a major loss in the Euro 2020 mega final, as Italy won the game 3-2 in penalty shootouts following a 1-1 draw. In a night that started so well for England, with Luke Shaw scoring the quickest goal in the Euro final, it all came down to the penalties, from where Italy took the crow. The game kept the world of football hooked to the screens right from the start, till it went into extra time and finally the penalties.

Though many might have predicted such an outcome of the final, this one fan takes the cake, since he predicted this exact outcome of the Euro 2020 final in 2013.

Eight-year-old tweet resurface as fan makes exact prediction

An England fan with the username Cameron posted a tweet eight years back that read- “England just lost the euro 2020 final against Italy on a penalty shoot out, nothing has changed then!”. Fans are stunned with the sheer accuracy of the prediction, right from the two teams which made it to the finals, to losing the game in penalties. This tweet has gone viral on Twitter and fans are now asking Cameron to make future predictions about the footballing world as well as their personal lives.

“Who’s winning the World Cup next year???” a fan replied. “So you’re from the future? What’s bitcoin price in 2030s?” another individual asked. Having received this newly brimming fame, Cameron was quick to respond and also replied to a couple of questions with his apparent predictions.

Where did this tweet come from?

While fans are apparently hailing Cameron as a fortune teller, this tweet has some context to the Euro 2012. The finalists of Euro 2020 - England and Italy faced each other in the quarterfinals of the 2012 Euro Championship. The game which ended in a goalless draw was then taken to penalties, wherein Italy won the game 4-2 against England in the penalty shootouts. Though there is some reference behind the prediction of the Euro 2020 final , it’s still crazy to believe that it turned out to be the exact same.

Whatever the prediction was, Cameron was accurately right about the outcome. Despite a valiant effort from the England side, the Azzuri outplayed in the penalties and were crowned as the Euro 2020 Champions.