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‘83’ Movie Review: Ranveer Singh leads the pack as 83 hits the right chord

The film managed to make the audience laugh, sob, and even gave goosebumps four decades after the historic victory.

Swati Bhatia Editor

Updated - 24 December 2021 10:09 pm

I still remember my mother telling me the fond memories of listening to cricket commentary on radio. She was like any other teenage girl, a big fan of Sandeep Patil. Despite not following the cricket on TV, my mother could tell every shot that he played during his innings against England in the semi-finals. Her giggles while describing her favourite cricketer made me realise where I got my cricket genes from. But while watching the moments unfold in the movie, I felt I was reliving my mother’s younger days.

Kabir Khan deserves the credit having recreated that magic once again. The movie contains a mix of drama and documentary that kept the audience at their toes till the end.

Having being seen as amateurs to the journey of winning the World Cup, the Indian team made the world eat their words, quite literally to David Frith. Kabir successfully managed to tell us the story of the underdogs, blending the real with the picturised one.

When it comes to acting, Ranveer Singh has just hit it straight out of the park. His dialogue delivery, tone, body language just made us feel that we are watching Kapil Dev on the screen once again. He is the heart and soul of the movie. Meanwhile, Tahir Bhasin (Sunil Gavaskar), Jiiva (Krish Srikkanth), Chirag Patil (Sandip Patil), Saqib Salim (Mohinder Amarnath) have played their part to perfection.

The movie not only just focused on Team India’s journey in World Cup, it also showed the massacre that was happening in India and across the border. It showed how India’s 1983 World Cup win acted as a uniting force.
Overall, the film managed to make the audience laugh, sob, and even gave them goosebumps four decades after the historic victory. So, this time, ditch your friends and take your parents with you to let them relive their younger days once again.


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