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A Night before the D-Day

India and Pakistan are set to lock horns on Sunday in Dubai.

Swati Bhatia Editor

Updated - 24 October 2021 12:02 pm

A slightly cold gentle breeze, a muddy scented smell, scenery weather getting interrupted by the loud barking of street dogs. To sum up, a typical October evening in Jaipur. Dinner time is the only time when the whole family sits together. Even though it is work from home, everyone is working in their separate cubicle/room. However, the usually quiet house turns into Chandni Chowk during dinner. England vs West Indies are locking horns on TV, meanwhile, mom and dad are locking horns on dinner over something that probably happened during the 1983 World Cup, Overall, a perfectly imperfect Punjabi chaos happening in front of the TV.

The ‘not so new’ “Mauka Mauka” advertisement drops on TV. Dead silence in the room. As if PM Modi has announced another demonetisation. The ad ends and the Family Ted Talk starts.

“India are gonna lose this time”, a recently defeated by his wife man (Dad) said.

“WHYYYY”, my offended uncle said.

“Har bar thodi na jeetenge” (We can’t win every time), said the old man while gulping the last of his lassi.

“Unke bowlers bahut acche hai” (Their bowlers are very good), said the women who last agreed with my father during the pheras (wedding vows).

“Nhi Bumrah hai apne paas waise” (We have Bumrah though), my father added while taking a big burp after the lassi marathon.

“Haan apne paas Kohli bhi hai” (We also have Kohli), said the mother.

“Bus Shahid Afridi ko jaldi out krde” (Need to get Shahid Afridi early), my laptop glued workaholic brother said.

“He has retired bro”, my cousin yelled.

“Are fir toh jeet gye” (We will win then), claimed the old man.

A silent me, who was clearly trying to focus on the West Indies vs England match, hazily smiled while realising that her family is clearly not a cricket fanatic.

But it hit me that while a normal cricket match might have not the ability to switch off the chaos in a Punjabi household, India vs Pakistan match has the power to unite the most non-functioning family into one.

So, I am looking forward to watching tomorrow’s game, not just in the hope of India’s win. But also in the hope for a perfectly imperfect family moment after a long long time.


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