"Abhi formula banaya hai aap logo ne?" - Pakistani anchor's hilarious old interview with engineers of an F1 car goes viral

A five-year old video is doing the rounds on social media where the TV presenter can be seen asking some bizarre questions to two engineering students.

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Updated - 05 September 2021 06:46 PM

Abhi formula banaya hai aap logo ne - Pakistani anchor&#039

The unique power of social media is the fact that anything can go viral at any time, irrespective of when the event took place. The recent victim of the same is a Pakistani television host Nida Yasir who had invited two engineering students - Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq Waqar - from the National University of Sciences and Technology on her show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ in 2016. The two Pakistani students had notably designed an electric Formula 1 racing car for a US-based competition.

Having made the entire nation proud with their remarkable accomplishment, they would have been extremely excited to have been invited for an interview giving them a platform to share their experience. However, they would have never imagined in their wildest of dreams how things would unfold during the show.

Is this one of the most bizarre interviews ever?

The anchor, Nida Yasir, had notably not done her research properly for the interview and it was very evident with the kind of bizarre questions that she asked to the two engineering students. The hilarious sequence of events began when the interviewer asked them: "How many people can sit in the car?" The duo were expectedly surprised as they tried to explain that it was a racing car so only one person could sit in the cockpit.

Unfortunately, it was not enough for the interviewer to understand as she thought that they have started with a one-seater car and would come up with a bigger car later on. There was visible disappointment on the faces of the two students as they tried to explain that it is a Formula One car. However, things became extremely hilarious when Nida thought that they were talking about formula of the car.

She asked, "Abhi formula banaya hai aap logo ne? Abhi experiment kiya hai," leaving everyone in splits. The anchor gets really excited when the students reveal that they have sit in the car as she then goes on to hilariously compare the racing car with other petrol cars towards the end of the footage.

One of the users shared the rib-tickling old video on Twitter and stated, "Why this lady didn't Google what Formula 1 is before the show?"

Watch the hilarious clip here:

Complete interview:


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