Actress Aahana Kumra pays tribute to Jhulan Goswami through appreciation post, slammed by netizens for her brown-face make up

Although it looked like an honest effort from the actress to pay tribute to an iconic player, the dark-toned make up used by her certainly angered the fans.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 17 July 2021 2:39 pm

Jhulan Goswami is undoubtedly a legendary name in Indian sports. The fast-bowler has been a gem in women's cricket for last 19 years and is loved by everyone in the country and across the globe. Hence, the fans would not accept anything that hampers the image of the iconic player at any level. One such case happened when actress Aahana Kumra's appreciation post for Goswami took a complete U-turn. The 36-year-old eventually received backlash by fans because of her look.

Kumra's tribute to Goswami

The ''Sandwiched Forever" actress came up with a heartwarming appreciation post for Jhulan Goswami on her Instagram account. She posted a picture-series imitating the Indian pacer's bowling action and her iconic celebration. The 36-year-old actually pulled it off brilliantly with her poses. Even Goswami lauded her effort and commented, "Great job 👍 keep it up!! 😊🏏".

Fans unhappy with dark-toned make up of actress

However, most of the fans were not very pleased with one aspect of Kumra's post i.e her make up. The actress had put on a dark-toned make up which angered everyone. While some opined that it was an act of racism, others believed that it was an insult to such an iconic player. Most of the netizens commented that it was completely unnecessary from the actress to colour herself dark.

While the actress clearly mentioned that she was not promoting any film, it could actually have been an attempted audition from Aahana Kumra for the lead role in Jhulan Goswami's reported upcoming biopic titled ''Chakde Express". Although there were reports earlier that Anushka Sharma has been signed for the film, there is still no official confirmation about the cast. Whether it was an audition or just a pure appreciation post, it certainly did not go down well with the fans.