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Alice Capsey plays despite ‘black eye’ and shines in England’s wins at Commonwealth Games 2022

While she top-scored with 44 in the team's first match against Sri Lanka, she scored a half-century in the next game against South Africa which has kept England in the race for the first-ever gold medal in Women's cricket.

Saurabh Ganguly Editor

Published on - 3 August 2022 8:18 pm

There are so many ways in which live sports mirrors life. For instance, in sport, there are no dearth of challenges much like in the larger ambit of life itself. However, those that excel in sport still manage to find a way to overcome those challenges and thus inspire others, leaving fans and sometimes even rivals in awe.

A similar story is that of Alice Capsey. Even without giving any context to her innings, she has been one of the top performers for England with the bat in their Commonwealth Games 2022 campaign. While she top-scored with 44 in the team’s first match against Sri Lanka, she scored a half-century in the next game against South Africa which has taken the Three Lions to the semifinals.

What makes her effort all the more incredible is the fact that she played despite an injury, keeping the team’s interest in the front and her passion to perform at the international level outbid the pain from the injury. While it is being reported that the 17-year-old batting all-rounder top-edged the ball onto her own face during warm-up which led to the black eye, the visual itself gives a hint of the pain the batter might be going through.

Yet in a post dated July 31, Capsey can be seen donning a smile as she wears the national jersey with pride. The innings when viewed without the lens of the injury and the pain she had to endure to stand as one of the best in the competition so far. The hosts were reduced to 63 for 4 in their opening game against Sri Lanka when Capsey put her hand up and played an innings that was tailor-made for the situation.

Years after, her 45-ball 44 might be lost in statistics but for those who watched it live, especially if it ends up giving the Three Lions a medal, Capsey’s effort will always remain fresh in their memories. Her half-century in the next match will be the more talked about innings for sure. It  was an example of how she has the game to score quickly too as she accumulated those 50 runs in 37 balls at a strike rate of 135.14.

England will hope Capsey continues her good form into the knockout stages of the competition.


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