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Andrew Symonds’ sister leaves emotional note at car crash site; picture surfaces

Former Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds passed in a car crash near Queensland on Sunday morning.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 16 May 2022 12:38 pm

Andrew Symonds Sister

The tragic passing of the former Australia all-rounder Andrew Symonds has taken the sporting world by shock. The entire sports fraternity has made some heartwarming tributes to Roy, remembering his on and off-field antics. But one of the most emotional tributes was made by Andrew Symonds’ sister who wrote a letter and placed it at the site of the accident. 

Her tribute letter said, “Gone far too soon. “Rest in peace Andrew. “I wish we had one more day, one more phone call. My heart is broken. I will always love you, my brother.”

One of the reports who was at the scene of the accident told FIVE radio that she could  “see that there’s a lot of brake marks on the road from where his car veered off before it eventually rolled”.

“At this stage police still have no idea why he left the road,” she added. “One rumour that’s going around by locals is he may have swerved to miss an animal but everything’s under investigation at the moment.”

A witness told the Courier Mail that along with Andrew Symonds were his two dogs who didn’t want to leave him. “One of them was very sensitive and didn’t want to leave him,” she said. “It would just growl at you every time we tried to move him or go near him.”

She then expressed how her partner tried helping Symonds but he wasn’t responding. She said, “My partner tried to get (Symonds) out of the car, to put him on to his back. He was unconscious, not responsive and had no pulse.”

“He was the great bulls*** barometer,” Langer

Former Australia opening batter and head coach Justin Langer expressed the role Andrew Symonds played in the great Aussie teams that dominated world cricket. He addressed that Roy was ‘a great stabiliser’ and brought the team together. While talking to SEN Radio, he said, “In our environment, he was the great bulls*** barometer.”

“In the Australian team there’d be some big egos or some things, and he’d pull you straight into line. It wouldn’t be with great speeches or anything, he’d just look at you, or say ‘enough of that son’,” he continued. 

“He was a great stabiliser in any team because he was so real. Like Rod Marsh, he was so real and that’s why he was such an extraordinary person that we loved so much. We wanted to look after him as well, we wanted to look after Roy because he had a few misdemeanours in his life, [had in] a lot of ways a tough time, but we wanted to hug him and look after him.”

“This one really has rocked us because he was such a great player, but at the end of the day it’s much more than being a great player, it’s about being a great bloke, and he is one of the brothers and this one really hurts”, Langer concluded.


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