Animal Crossing: New Horizons - What’s the secret behind Harv’s Island and how to unlock it in?

Ketaki PoleAuthor

Updated - 06 July 2021 11:37 PM


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has undoubtedly become one of the most popular games of its kind, with top-notch popularity in the recent times. There have been many new major additions and attractions in Nintendo’s life stimulating gaming franchise. Harv’s Island in New Horizons has been in the talk off late since the island has quite a many mysterious and hidden details. The recently ended wedding season allowed players to visit the island for creating a Photopia set for Reese and Cyrus. It’s since then that the island has been brought into major notice and has intrigued the players to unlock the island to discover the hidden details.

What is the Harv’s Island?

Just like any other island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Harv’s Island might not seem to be very different at first. However, it is full of hidden details and doesn’t have many trees around, something that’s common in all other islands. Besides, a lot of area is prohibited for players, making it look like there isn’t much to explore on the island. Additionally, Harvey has installed fences that are log-like, which again are inaccessible to players. Given that fence customization is one of the trendiest features in the game, players are hopeful that Nintendo will come up with an update to conclude fence customization.

Moreover, unlike shaking trees results in grabbing fruits on other island, it only results in the falling of branches here. Also players are unable to access any items on Harv’s island as they aren’t able to move or place anything or Harvey’s island.

How to Unlock Harv’s Island?

To unlock the Harv’s Island, players have to allow 3 pieces of land on their island. Upon selling them, Harvey visits his island for informing the players regarding his island. Following which, players can easily visit his island as per their will, without spending any bells or Nook Miles.


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