Apex Legends becomes most-watched battle royale game on Twitch

Picture Credit: Apex Legends

The Esports industry is constantly growing across the globe and Twitch has become the fan-favourite platform for enjoying the streams. All the games have been working enormously to do well on the Amazon-owned platform and it seems like Apex Legends has reaped the rewards for all the work that has been done behind the scenes by the developers.

After consistently falling behind the pack with titles like Warzone, Fortnite and PUBG showing tremendous growth in last year, Respawn Entertainment's battle royale game finally seemed to have find its mojo back as it incredibly registered over 270 million hours watched between July and September. This comes as a major boost for the developers who have been constantly trying to get the buzz and craze around Apex Legends back after a challenging last year.

Which are the other most-watched BR after Apex Legends?

There is quite an intense competition in the battle royale circuit with so many top games available for fans. This is why Apex Legends topping the chart is not a small achievement as it gives a fair reflection of the likings and preference of consumers.

PUBG  was the second-most watched BR after Apex Legends with figure of 247 million hours. Fortnite and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang were the next in the list with 246 million hours and 240 million hours watched respectively.

Apex Legends benefitted by Warzone's downfall

While Apex Legends deserves the credit for its immense success in recent times, it is also very obvious that they have been benefitted quite a lot with the ongoing problems at Warzone. The developers have been unable to prevent the plaguing by cheaters, which has become quite a repeated issue with the title.

As a result, some of the top streamers have also switched from Warzone to Apex Legends which has also played its part in this whole saga. However, the latest Season 6 patch has brought some improvements which has seen the live viewership on Twitch go to 77.6k, only behind Fortnite (85.3k) and Apex Legends (87.5k) in BR at the time of writing.

With so much happening in this industry every other day, it will be interesting to see how the developers of various titles respond in the upcoming months.