With season 9 of Apex Legends set to release today, Respawn Entertainment have revealed some exciting details in the last few days. From the teaser of a new character - Valkyrie to the addition of a new weapon - Bocek Bow, the developers have been successful in keeping the buzz growing ahead of the new season.

Before the release, the developers made their final move as they released a trailer to give out some important details about the latest Legacy Battle Pass. As expected, there will be some crazy new cosmetic items like gun charms, loading screens, skydive emotes, music packs, banners, new holosprays and a lot more. There will be 100 tiers of cosmetics for the players, which will include all free and premium items. However, the most exciting addition will be the new Legend skins.

Six new Legend skins for Season 9

Some of the much-awaited additions include the 'Crafty Kitsune Rampart skin', which will be unlocked at level 25. There will also be a 'Legendary Demon’s Whisper Wraith skin', which the players will be able to unlock at level 50. At the beginning of the battle pass, there will be cosmetics available for Mirage, Bangalore & Octane. The most exciting part of the trailer revealed that there will be a 'Legendary Reacting Bound in Bone Devotion skin' at Level 100. There might also be a variant of that skin available which will only be unlocked at Level 110, which is certainly going to push the players beyond their limits.

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With the Legacy set to kick off today with three new rare legend skins, there is no doubt that the fans will have too much to look forward to in Battle Pass.