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It's been a happening day as far as the e-sports territory is concerned. While South Korean developer of the now-famous Battlegrounds Mobile India had earlier announced some big details about its forthcoming BGMI India series including format, process for registration as well as eligibility criteria. However, in a shocking development, it was discovered in the rulebook of BGMI that, "Players may participate in events (BGMI India Series Qualifiers) only on mobile handheld devices running the Android operating system." However, they were quick to make amends and remove the Android OS criteria from the rulebook which now reads any handheld device.

This led to contrasting reactions on social media and the gaming community. When the Android Only rule was unearthed, gamers thought it was a clear indication that BGMI India won't be launched in India for iOS users anytime soon. Some experts and fans also believe that the game may never appear on the Apple Play Store and remain an Android Only app.

Aspiring Esports buff had invested on iOS devices for better gaming experience

However, it would have been a massive blow for the young gaming aspirants across regions of the country since quite a few of them invested in buying an iOS device owing to the unparalleled gameplay experience that it tends to offer. With no confirmation coming in from official sources, some of the games have already invested in premier flagship Android devices to gear up for the BGMI India series.

While the removal of Android Only criteria has ignited a ray of hope for some gamers, nothing is guaranteed as of now and players are left with no option but to prepare with the Android version for now. However, taking all of it into consideration, there should be some reason for which the rule has been amended. It is also likely that the gamers may be able to play the final stages of the tournament on iPhones as the semifinals and finals are slated to happen in September-October. This gives a more realistic two-three month window for users to release the game for the Apple App Store.

It is also being learned that the players will not be allowed to use additional equipment to get an unfair advantage over the other. This includes devices like Bluetooth Keyboards and other peripheral devices.