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Picture Credit: Twitter

While there are several reasons one tends to become an admirer of a sporting club or an athlete, the thing that tends to keep that faith alive is the appreciation or the loyalty of that club or the player towards the fan themselves. For some clubs, the relationship with fans goes far beyond just the stadiums and usually, these are the teams that have the most maddening fan base.

And now Arsenal may have won over a fan for life through the gesture of one of its players. An Arsenal fan named Jack Robinson had flown with his wife Heather from St Louis, Missouri to celebrate their 10th anniversary by watching Arsenal take on Wolves at the Emirates on December 28. Unfortunately, just like many other matches were being cancelled due to the growing COVID-19 scare within the camp, this game was also cancelled last minute because of a number of coronavirus cases in the Wolves squad.

Robinson took to Twitter to vent out his disappointment on the postponement of the game. He further mentioned that he planned and had completed bookings for the same six months in advance. Xhaka became aware of Robinson’s post and reached out to the fan through Instagram, offering him and his wife tickets to watch Arsenal’s match against Manchester City on Saturday. Threads of their conversation on Instagram read,"If you are still in London on the 1st Arsenal vs Manchester City game as my guest to thank you for your dedication to Arsenal. Would that be good for you?"

Check out Robinson's tweets here:

To this very kind gesture from the Arsenal midfielder, the fan Robinson accepted the offer and thanked Xhaka for making the effort to reach out. Fans were delighted to see this kind gesture and if ever Robinson doubted his love for the club or had a reason to drift his attention away, he will perhaps always be remembered by this gesture from Xhaka.