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Former Yorkshire all-rounder Azeem Rafiq has brought to light many racist comments and revealed the names of cricketers involved in racism controversies from the past. Azeem’s testimony used in front of the officials of the DCMS committee also led to the resignation of senior board members and many cricketers have issued public apologies. These detailed investigations were brought in the picture only after Rafiq mentioned in an interview that he had contemplated suicide for institutional racism.

Another incident has now been brought to light with whistleblower Azeem Rafiq accused of sending “vulgar” messages to a teenage girl six years ago. Gayathri Ajith has claimed that Rafiq sent the inappropriate Whatsapp messages to her in December 2015, three months after they met on a flight from Manchester to Dubai.

According to Gayathri’s report, she mentioned that the cricketer sent her inappropriate WhatsApp messages in December 2015, which have been doing the rounds on internet now. This incident was just three months after they met on a flight from Manchester to Dubai. Following the incident, she also refused to meet Azeem for dinner in Dubai. The kind of messages he sent included, “U know what I wanted to do on the plane” and “I want to grab you push u up against wall and kiss you.”

Speaking to Washington Post, Gayathri Ajith mentioned that she was shocked at the crudity of those messages. Adding that they were just so vulgar, she went on to describe the messages as “creepy”.

Azeem Rafiq spoke to a newspaper in response to these allegations. A spokesman for Mr Rafiq said: “This was put to us late on a Friday evening. We need to look into this, so cannot comment further for now.”