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Azeem Rafiq accuses Alex Hales of naming black dog after racial slur ‘Kevin’

Rafiq added that the statement from Joe Root about not witnessing any incident related to racism was "hurtful".

Aditya Kumar Editor

Updated - 17 November 2021 8:52 am

Azeem Rafiq made some shocking revelations while speaking to the parliamentary inquiry. Among many revelations, one that depicted the extreme level of racism was that of Alex Hales allegedly naming his black dog after the racial slur ‘Kevin’. Rafiq informed the Digital Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee hearing in the parliament that Alex and one-time Yorkshire skipper Gary Ballance were close to each other and that was the reason Alex went on to name his dog on the “racist slur” that was frequently used by Ballance for the people of clour.

“Gary and Alex Hales got very close to each other playing for England but I understand Alex went on to name his dog Kevin because it was black….’Kevin’ was something Gary (Ballance) used for people of colour in a derogatory manner. All the time… It is disgusting how much of a joke it became,” said Rafiq.

The former Yorkshire player further said how Ballance used to disdain him. “Gary’s conduct was so disgusting… I felt isolated, humiliated at times. On tours, Gary Ballance walked over and said: ‘Why are you talking to him?’ Going past a corner shop, I was asked if my uncle owned it,” he said.

“I found his statement hurtful” – Rafiq over Joe Root’s comments about not seeing racism at Yorkshire

Rafiq admitted that Root is a good man and that he never made any racist remarks to him. However, he added that the statement from the England Test captain about not witnessing any incident related to racism was “hurtful”.

“(However) I found (his statement) hurtful, because Rooty was not only Gary’s housemate but, before he started playing for England, he was involved in a lot of those socialising nights out where I’d been called a p***. He might not remember it, but it just shows how normal it was in that environment in that institution that a man like him doesn’t see it for what it is. It was strange, but it’s the environment and the institution that made it such a norm that people don’t remember it. And it’s not going to affect Joe, it’s something I remember every day. But I don’t expect Joe tom,” said Rafiq.


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