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Ball hits umpire’s headcam during NCAA Men’s College World Series, video surfaces

Ahead of the game, Stanford starting pitcher Alex Williams had made some shocking comments about the Arkansas Razorbacks’ offence.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Published on - 19 June 2022 3:38 pm

The Stanford Cardinal were blown out by the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Men’s College World Series, Double Elimination Round in Nebraska. The Hogs registered a 17-2 victory. Arkansas set a College World Series and team record for hits. 

Similarly, their second baseman Robert Moore set a team record for reaching base six times after going 3-for-3 and drawing three walks. But one of the most absurd highlights from the game was when Arkansas catcher Michael Turner went for a big hit but missed the ball which smashed into the umpire’s headcam. 

But before the game, Stanford starting pitcher Alex Williams made some comments about the Arkansas Razorbacks’ offence because of which he was trolled after the blowout loss. He said, “I know they’re going to be a good team. I know they’re going to be a good offence.” 

“I look forward to facing them. I know it’s going to be a good game. I’d take our offence over theirs any day. I think we got ’em, but I respect them. They’re a good team. I look forward to playing them.”

After the fixture, Stanford head coach David Esquer addressed these comments and “clarified” Williams’ intentions. “I want to clarify what Alex said. He said he ‘hopes’ our offence is better than Arkansas,” Esquer said. Arkansas with a record of 44-19 now move into the winners’ bracket and will take one Ole Miss on Monday. Whereas the Stanford Cardinals have a record of 47-17 will face elimination against Auburn.


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