BCCI refutes claims that women players were not paid for eight months of employment

According to reports, BCCI is yet to pay the T20 world cup prize money to the women's team.

Umang SinghAuthor

Updated - 26 May 2021 12:13 PM


BCCI has been in the news for quite some time now. First, it was the IPL bio-bubble breach, and now since the last 3 days, they are being questioned over the monetary issues related to women's cricket. It was reported a few days back that Indian women cricketers had not received their runners-up prize money from 2020 T20 World Cup till now, and it's been 14 months since the final.

Moreover, recently BCCI announced the annual contracts of the women players in which some new faces were included. But as per reports, it is being claimed that players are yet to receive their remaining 8 months salary, and 4 cricketers who missed out on contract won't be paid their dues.

This is absolutely false: Statement of senior BCCI official

Speaking to ANI in this regard, a BCCI official said, "This is absolutely false. Every player is paid in accordance with the terms of the contract with the BCCI. The payments have been made for the contracted period. The claim made in the story essentially assumes that a contract existed for almost eight months for which they would not be paid. This is incorrect, and I can only conclude that this is on the back of incorrect advice."

"If a contract ended in September 2020 and the payments have been made in relation to that contract, it is wrong to imply otherwise," he explained.

While clearing the air on the T20 WC prize money subject, the senior official stated, "These are difficult times and we have been working under tremendously difficult conditions and I do not mean this as a justification."

"We have not been as efficient as we would have liked to be and of course, there have been mistakes and I am not saying that there will be no errors in the future as well. No organisation is without its share of errors and with every error that slips through our system, our endeavour is to tighten the system further, which we have done even now. The finance department swiftly addresses all issues that are raised by players and there is no query or call for assistance by any player that goes unanswered."

"I can understand the agony of losing out on a contract as well and I understand the place from where this is emanating since these are difficult times for everyone and we at the BCCI office have also not remained untouched with personal grief, tragedies and difficulties," he added.


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