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“BCCI will deal with it appropriately” – Sourav Ganguly responds 24 hours after Virat Kohli’s shocking revelations in press conference

As Virat Kohli-led Indian side left for South Africa on Thursday, the media managed to get a reaction from BCCI president on the ongoing saga.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 16 December 2021 5:16 pm

Virat Kohli vs Sourav Ganguly

Not all is well in Indian cricket right now which is very evident for all the fans in country. The way Virat Kohli was sacked as India’s white-ball captain certainly sparked speculations that there was something fishy happening behind the scenes. And while things were slowly calming down, Virat Kohli’s shocking revelations in a fiery press conference on Wednesday added more spice to the whole drama.

The 33-year-old admitted that he was not communicated at all by BCCI that he was going to be removed as the captain of 50-over format. Kohli told the media that he was contacted 1.5 hours prior to the selection meeting (for Tests) where he was told that he no longer will be India’s ODI captain going forward.

Kohli denies claims made by Sourav Ganguly

If this was not enough to spark a heated debate among fans, another statement from Kohli just summed up the huge communication gap between him and BCCI. Extremely contrary to Sourav Ganguly’s claims that the board had requested Kohli to not step down as T20I captain, Kohli disclosed in press conference that no one from BCCI asked him to not resign from the leadership position in the shortest format.

Kohli said, “Mujhe ye nahi kaha gaya tha ki aap T20 captaincy na choriye balki use bohot ache se receive kiya gaya, ki bohot ek progressive step hai aur sahi direction mein hai.” (It was received quite well. No one took offense, no one had any hesitation. No one told me that I should not leave the T20I captaincy).

BCCI President tells media that BCCI will deal with situation

As Virat Kohli led Indian side left for South Africa on Thursday, the media managed to get a reaction from Sourav Ganguly on the ongoing saga. However, the BCCI president refuted to make any comment on the same.

On being asked about Kohli’s statements in press-conference, Ganguly said, “I have no comment to make, BCCI will deal with it appropriately,” presumably suggesting that the board is actually looking into the matter and the whole situation could get more tricky in the coming days.


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