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BGMS Grand Finals Day 2: Match summary, Overall standings and More

Team Global eSports overtake Team GODLike in the overall rankings after the Day 2 action.

Tanishq Sharma Author

Updated - 15 July 2022 12:41 pm

Battlegrounds Mobile India Master Series has finished the second day of the grand finals on Thursday. After the action-packed three weeks, the 16 finalists have been competing for the first televised e-sports tournament in India for a handsome amount of ₹75 lakh.

Team GODLike have emerged as the table toppers with 68 points after the four matches on Day 1 of BGMS 2022 grand finals. Global Esports, Orangutan, and Team SouL have booked the second, third and the fourth spot respectively with 16 matches remaining after the end of BGMS Grand Finals day 1.

BGMS Finals Day 2: Match Summary

Match 1:

In the opening match of Day 2, Global eSports secured the first position with 13 finishes in the Erangel map, while Chemin eSports took the second spot with 8 finishes. Global eSports Rony was named the MVP of the game with 5 kills.

Team SouL (10) claimed more finishes than Chemin but came in the third place. Chemin eSports battled Team SouL in the final zone as Chemin Delta helped his team to grab the first spot. FS eSports secured the fourth position on the table.

Match 2:

The second match was played at the Sanhok Map and Revenant eSports took the pole position with 12 kills. Match MVP Paradox, who claimed six kills alone, led Revenant to achieve the chicken dinner.

Chemin eSports and Team iNSANE eSports secured the second and third positions respectively with four kills each. Team 8Bit claimed the fourth spot in the match with 14 points.

Match 3:

The third match saw Orangutan claiming the chicken dinner by defeating Team SouL in the final zone in the Miramar map. Orangutan secured 9 kills to win the first spot while Team Enigma forever claimed the second spot with 9 kills.

Team SouL finished at the third spot with seven kills and Goblin was named the MVP by 5 kills. Team GODLike survived the second-last zone to secure the fourth position.

Match 4:

Global eSports replicated the performance of the match 1 by claiming the first place in the Erangel map in the fourth match with a massive 17-kill chicken dinner. Rony was named the MVP with four finishes.

Chemin eSports claimed the second spot with just one kill while OR eSports made five kills to secure the third place.

Overall Standings:

After the completion of four matches on Day 2, Team Global eSports overtake Team GODLike in the overall rankings after the Day 2 action. Global eSports have taken the pole position with a total of 62 kills and 112 points. The day 1 winners, GODL managed 43 kills to secure the second spot with 94 points.

Team SouL climbed a spot to secure the third place with 49 kills and equalized GODL’s 94 points tally. Chemin eSports, who were at the seventh spot after Day 1 action, have claimed the fourth spot with 27 kills and 90 points.

GODL Jonathan, who was the MVP on Day 1, had an average performance while SouL Goblin was named the MVP on Day 2 with a total of 14 kills.


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