Brazil legend Pele says he is 'recovering very well' after surgery

The 80-year-old also thanked his fans for the love they are showing towards him.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 18 September 2021 01:54 PM


Brazil’s legendary footballer Pele has been facing some serious health problems lately. He had undergone surgery to remove a tumor from his colon this month and was released from the intensive care unit on Wednesday. However, he had to be readmitted as a precautionary measure to the intensive unit of Sao Paulo's Albert Einstein Hospital.

The 80-year-old has, however, said that he is recovering very well and also thanked his fans for the love they are showing towards him. "My friends, I am still recovering very well. Today I received visits from family members and I continue to smile every day. Thank you for all the love I get from you," Pele wrote on Instagram. A few days back he had shared a message saying that he cannot wait to get back on the field after successfully undergoing surgery.

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The hospital authorities also confirmed the reason behind his readmission and said that it was just performed as a precautionary measure because of his age. "After stabilisation, the patient was transferred to semi-intensive care. He is currently stable from a cardiovascular and respiratory point of view," said the hospital authorities in a statement.

We don’t want to be the reason for more anxiety: Pele’s daughter

Before the hospital released a statement, Pele’s daughter took to Instagram to inform people about his health and asked them not to be worried.  "I don't know what is going on with the rumours out there but my DMs are booming!!! There's already a lot of anxiety roaming the world these days and we don't want to be the reason for more,” she wrote on Instagram under a picture of her with his father.

"The normal recovery scenario for a man of his age after an operation like this, is sometimes two steps forward and one step back. It's very normal. Yesterday he was tired and took a little step back. Today he took two forwards!" she added.

Pele’s health has been a concern in recent years. He had to undergo prostate surgery in 2015 after he was admitted to the hospital for the second time in six months. After that, he got a urinary infection in 2019. And now, he was having treatment at the hospital since 31 August after a tumor was detected.


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