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Picture Credit: Formula 1

After a one week break, Formula One action is set to return this weekend and it's time for one of the most iconic races of the calendar - British GP. With the current season already very interestingly poised, things are expected to get quite exciting at Silverstone with F1 set to try out the new format of race weekend. Here is everything you need to know about British GP 2021:

What is the venue for the race?

The British Grand Prix will be held at the picturesque Silverstone Circuit located in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. The track at the venue is 5.891 km long with 18 turns. The main race on Sunday will have 52 laps. A capacity crowd will be permitted to attend the race this weekend which would mean that around 1,40,000 fans would be there at Silverstone.

What is the schedule for the weekend?

As F1 will introduce Sprint Qualifying, the whole weekend will see an entire overhaul from the usual schedule. While there will only be two practice sessions, the qualifying will shift to Friday. The schedule will be as follows:

July 16, Friday - Practice 1 (IST 7:00 PM)

July 16, Friday - Qualifying (IST 10:30 PM)

July 17, Saturday - Practice 2 (IST 4:30 PM)

July 17, Saturday - Sprint Qualifying (IST 9:00 PM)

July 18, Sunday - Grand Prix (IST 7:30 PM)

How will Qualifying and Sprint Qualifying work?

The qualifying will take place in the usual format (Q1, Q2 and Q3) but will take place on Friday. However, the standings in the qualifying will not determine the starting grid for Sunday's race. In fact, it will be used as a precedence to set the grid for Sprint Qualifying which will take place on Saturday.

The Sprint Qualifying will be a shortened race of 100kms. Hence, for this weekend, it will have 17 laps at the Silverstone Circuit. The standings after the end of this race will be used to determine the starting grid for Sunday's British GP.

What will be the points system for British GP 2021?

There will also be some additional points up for grabs this weekend. The top three finishers in Saturday's Sprint Qualifying will be awarded 3 points, 2 points and 1 point, respectively. The main race on Sunday will follow the usual points system, where top 10 drivers will be awarded points in the following format:

1st place - 25 points, 2nd place - 18 points, 3rd place - 15 points, 4th place - 12 points, 5th place - 10 points, 6th place - 8 points, 7th place - 6 points, 8th place - 4 points, 9th place - 2 points, 10th place - 1 point.

Notably, there will also be one bonus point for the fastest lap during the race.

Where can you watch British GP 2021?

The fans can watch British Grand Prix (all the sessions) on Star Sports Select SD/HD. There will also be live streaming available on Disney+ Hotstar.

What are the standings in F1 2021?

The top three drivers/teams this season (going into British GP 2021) are as follows:

Drivers - Max Verstappen (182 points), Lewis Hamilton (150 points) and Sergio Perez (104 points)

Teams - Red Bull (286 points), Mercedes (242 points) and McLaren (141 points)