Broadcaster shows unknown Punjab Kings fangirl for more than 10 times during team’s clash against Mumbai Indians

The fans were left curious about the identity of the new supporter of KL Rahul's side.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 24 April 2021 12:32 AM

Punjab Kings Fan Girl

The ongoing Indian Premier League has gone off to a spectacular start. Unfortunately, the fans cannot enjoy the on-field action at the stadium because of the pandemic. While the players do miss the fans, they have some support at the venue with people from team management and family members supporting from the team's stand.

With only a few people in the spectators' section, broadcasters capture the reactions of the people which often go viral on social media later. One of the examples that we have seen in last few days is of SRH owner Kaviya Maran. Her reactions during the games of Sunrisers Hyderabad have become a major talking point on Twitter nowadays.

Unknown Punjab Kings' supporter

During the match no. 17 between Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians on Friday, the broadcaster captured a girl sitting in Punjab Kings' stand which left the fans curious. To everyone's surprise, the camera was focused on the fangirl more than 10 times at least during the contest. The girl was notably wearing the Punjab Kings jersey and since she also had a mask on, it was difficult for the fans to know about her identity.

Here is the video:

With the netizens getting another task up their sleeves, the fans will soon get to know if the fangirl was a family member of any Punjab player or she was a part of the management. One thing is certain that she was a lucky charm for her team as KL Rahul's side ended their three-match losing streak with an emphatic win over Mumbai Indians.


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