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Brock Lesnar confirmed to make WWE return in 2023; see details

Lesnar recently lost to Roman Reigns in the main event of Summer Slam 2022.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 4 August 2022 6:21 pm

Brock Lesnar Comeback

When Brock Lesnar lost to Roman Reigns in the main event of the 2022 Summer Slam, several WWE fans considered the bout as the Beast Incarnate’s final match. But recently, the WWE has confirmed, that Lesnar will soon return to the ring next year in another pay-per-view. 

The Pro Wrestling outfit is confirmed the Beast will compete at the Day 1 2023 event. The State Farm Arena released the poster for next year’s event where Lesnar is the only superstar in the advertisement. The former WWE champion isn’t publicised for any event before Day 1 2023 and is likely to make his return around that time. 

Talking about Summerslam 2022’s Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing match between challenger Lesnar and champion Roman Reigns, the Beast wreck havoc as he brought out all the festivities. Embracing his cowboy person, Lesnar entered on a tractor, which he drove up the ramp and parked at ringside. 

Late into the match, Lesnar brought Reigns near the tractor’s shovel at one corner of the ring and then pushed the shovel under the ring. He then rose the shovel while breaking the ropes of the ring, in seconds, the square was lifted up from one side, making Reigns roll out towards the announcer’s table. 

But despite these efforts, Roman Reigns pulled off a win and retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. He then used everything to put down “The Beast,” Reigns took tables, chairs and even title belts. The Trible King also got a major assist from his cousins, the Usos and Paul Heyman, who suffered an F-5 through a table. 

Addressing this craziness depicted by Lesnar, former WWE champion Mark Henry recently opened up about his encounters with Lesnar when he burst on the scene. While speaking to Sportskeeda, he said, “He shot from about six feet away and went to my ankle. And he put both hands behind my ankle, and his shoulder in my knee, and hyperextended my knee. And I was out for like, six to seven weeks.”

“And I was just on the ground like, ’Oh my God’, and he was like, ‘You’re hurt’ and I was like, ‘damn, I can’t move and he was like, he’s like, ‘they’re gonna fire me.’ I said ‘no, they not gonna fire you, they gonna fire me.’ But we got a laugh about it later on but during that time he’s like a very, very dangerous guy,” Henry continued.


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