Picture Credit: Activision

The Call of Duty franchise teased its fans with the logo of its most hyped franchise Modern Warfare 2 a few days back. This has sent the fans into a frenzy with them eagerly awaiting the reveal of the new title. They are also nostalgic after hearing the MW2 OST during the logo reveal. This has also made the fans speculate about what is in the box from Activision with this new title.

There have been multiple leaks and rumours around the title but no confirmation has come from the makers yet. However, some insider information has revealed that Modern Warfare 2 is going to get an extraction-type game mode called “DMZ”, similar to Battlefield’s Hazard Zone and Escape from Tarkov.

What is this DMZ mode?

The DMZ mode seems to be inspired by the Escape from Tarkov mode where a team of human players are dropped into a massive battle royale-sized map and are given an objective to reach across the other side of the map. On their way to the objective, players come into contact with a vast number of AI foes and have to use their own tactics, and the equipment and weapons they've scavenged, to battle their way to the objective. The enemies can also be humans if the other team also has the same objective.

Now, the Modern Warfare series is the perfect title to roll out such gameplay as these titles are more realistic and heavy-feeling. Modern Warfare 2 is touted to have DMZ game mode as leaks have suggested that this mode has been in development with Infinity Ward since 2018, and was also supposed to be an additional mode for Modern Warfare (2019), but unfortunately, the developers scrapped that possibility.

Now, with MW2 ready to roll by the end of this year and Activision and Infinity Ward trying hard to make it a huge success, holding back DMZ doesn't sound-wise.