Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Leaks reveal Battle Royale mode gamers to get early access

Popular Call of Duty leaker Sam recently took to Twitter to reveal the Battle Royale modes for the game.

Aakash SrivastavaAuthor

Updated - 10 August 2022 01:28 PM


Call of Duty Warzone has emerged as one of the most prominent titles in the esports and the popularity of the Warzone has always kept the gamers eager to know more about it. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has been taking a final shape for some time and title is expected to be released for the gamers very soon.

However, several leaks regarding the game are out in public domain and have caused major excitement amongst the gamers. In a fresh development, popular Call of Duty leaker Sam recently took to Twitter to reveal the Battle Royale modes for the game.

According to Sam, Call of Duty Warzone mobile is likely to have two Battle Royale modes as the first mode will be the most common one, that is available for gamers. While, the Blitz Royale mode will be new addition to the game and users will have an exciting experience while playing it. The recent leaks suggest that the Blitz Royale mode runs for five minutes and as the name suggests it is a race against the clock, and the number of gamers will be lesser and the map will be smaller than usual.

Leaks have also hinted that safe zone will shrink faster than its previous updates and gamers will have a challenging time to survive. Activision will unveil Call of Duty Warzone Mobile on September 15 and have already sent an invitation from the developers' end to try out the game and share their reviews. These gamers will get the opportunity before anyone else to experience Call of Duty Warzone mobile. Several gamers have already taken to Twitter to share that they received an invitation from the developers.

After these gamer will play the Call of Duty Warzone, they will share their reviews to the Activision developer, and with the other Gaming Lovers.



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