Picture Credit: Twitter

Formula One star Charles Leclerc is growing in reputation as one of the finest talents in the sport with the passage of time. However, with more eyes on him than ever before, comes the drawback of the life behind the limelight and fame.

It is being reported that a limited edition watch of his worth $320,000 (₹2,44,56,640) was stolen on Monday in Italy ahead of the upcoming Imola GP this weekend. Further details suggest that the Ferrari driver was with his friends and trainer Andrea Ferrari when the incident happened in the Tuscan city of Viareggio.

Local reports have claimed that the 24-year-old was surrounded by fans after which his prized Richard Mille watch had been stolen. Not only Leclerc was identified by fans when he entered Via Salvatori at night, but this group of people surrounded him in a poorly lit area.

Taking advantage of this situation, the unidentified thief unhooked the racer's watch and managed to flee before he could realise what had happened. However, no harm or injury was sustained by the driver himself.

Later, Leclerc's trainer Ferrari confirmed the same in an Instagram story.

"Via Salvatori has been completely in the dark for months. We have been reporting this for months. Well, yesterday evening in Via Salvatori, they have robbed us. Think of arranging the lamps sooner or later? Asking for a friend," he wrote.

The crime has already been reported to the police who are trying to find out it was all pre-planned or a crime committed after looking at the situation.

"We can confirm that in the evening of 18th April, in Viareggio (Italy), Charles Leclerc had his watch stolen. Since investigations are ongoing, no further details can be shared at the moment," a spokesperson from the Ferrari confirmed.

Nevertheless, it has otherwise been a great start to the season for Leclerc as he has already won two of the first three races of the 2022 season.