Chris Lynn

Chris Lynn Picture Credit: GETTY IMAGES

Mumbai Indians batsman Chris Lynn has asked Australia’s cricket board to arrange a charter flight to bring players home at the end of the Indian Premier League (IPL). India recorded 352,991 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, placing increased strain on an already overwhelmed health system.

Cricket Australia (CA) contacted Australia's IPL players on Monday inquiring about their health and travel plans, and Lynn revealed that he had responded by requesting the governing body to help arrange a flight.

"I texted back that as Cricket Australia make 10% of every IPL contract was there a chance we could spend that money this year on a charter flight once the tournament is over?" Lynn reportedly told News Corp media.

"I know there are people worse off than us. But we are going from a really tight bubble and are getting vaccinated next week. So hopefully the government will let us get home on a private charter."

"We are not asking for shortcuts and we signed up knowing the risks. But it would be great to get home as soon as the event is over."

CA were unable to provide an immediate comment.

Lynn not planning to leave IPL 2021 at the moment

The IPL is being played under biosecurity protocols, and Lynn said he had no immediate plans to leave.

"I feel comfortable in this environment. "We made the decision to come here and we know the risk," he said.

"Obviously India is in chaos at the moment. But we are at least giving people something to smile about by playing the tournament."

Meanwhile, the Australian government is set to consider a proposal on Tuesday to suspend all flights from India to prevent more coronavirus variants entering the country.