COD Mobile announces Season 6 - The Heat: All you need to know

A new ranked series will begin as soon as the new season is launched.

Saurabh GangulyAuthor

Updated - 27 July 2021 02:32 PM


In a big update coming in at the E-sporting front, COD Mobile has officially announced Season 6 which will be called "The Heat." Post months of speculations and media reports, the season has officially been announced and COD Mobile's Activision has finally confirmed what all could be expected in the forthcoming season. Among many other things, here is all the new content that gamers would be able to access in the next season.

Free Battle Pass tiers

From the Free battle pass tiers, the users will be able to unlock the new Swarm Scorestreak, available at tier 14. Moreover, a new rapid-fire MX9 functional weapon at Tier 21 as well as the weapon camos like the AK-47- Epiphany will also be there.

Premium Battle Pass tiers

As far as the premium operator skills are concerned, they are price- the captain, domino, revolutionary, rosa- double agent and a soap skin. Furthermore, there are some exclusive weapon blueprints like the ICR- 1- Blood Money and MX9- Stone Serpent will also be available. In fact, players will be in a position to unlock emotes, backpacks, charms, calling cards and other features with the premium Battle Pass.

New maps in multiplayer

It is also being learned that there will be new maps in the multiplayer mode. While the Slums Black Ops 2 map is already in COD Mobile, it will be added to the Multiplayer map rotation with a playlist for Season 6. Moreover, the stacks modern warfare 2019 map joins other gunfight maps for 3v3 or 2v2 action.

New modes

In the brand new Undead Siege in Battle Royale, they will bring the Zombies back to the COD Mobile. In such a situation, players would be able to unlock exclusive rewards by grinding this event. Moreover, the gamers would need to survive for five days and five nights, where the days will be spent collecting items and building and nights will bring the zombie waves that players need to survive through.

New Ranked Series

In yet another interesting development, a new ranked series will begin as soon as the new season is launched and players will be in a position to unlock exclusive rank rewards by climbing the tiers from Rookie to legendary.

New Clan War Season

While the first of the Clan Wars season has ended, players will be taking part in the second season of the fight between COD Mobile Clans. The primary attractions in the story are expected to be a firebreak skin and RUS-79u weapon blueprint.


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