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Cookiess Policy

Cookiess refer to the small text files that are placed on the computer systems and mobile devices of the users who visit the website or application. Cookiess allow the platform to recognize the users on the basis of their frequent visits on the portal. Each time a user returns to the site or app, these text files are decoded. Therefore, Cookiess help in identifying the user’s information, remembering his/her device and how he/she interacted with the site or application.

Cookiess are useful to keep track of the movement on the site, for instance, remembering username and password, so that users do not have to re-enter the login information later. Cookiess also help in customizing the platform based on the user’s searches and personal interests.

The Cookiess used by our sports app is not intended to scan any information from our users’ computers or mobile devices. The data is used as a piece of information only to enable certain functions of the service, and store the user’s preferences. In case a user clicks an advertisement banner, our site or application shall not be held responsible for Cookiess on the user’s system or device by third-party advertisers.