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CWG 2022: India vs Barbados cricket match- Toss Prediction, Match Prediction, Powerplay Score and More

India and Barbados will meet in what will be a virtual quarterfinal.

Saurabh Ganguly Editor

Published on - 2 August 2022 8:06 pm

India and Barbados will meet in what will be a virtual quarterfinal at the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham. The winner of this game is set to join Australia in the semis from this group. This is because while the Aussies have gone through after winning both their matches, Pakistan are out of contention having lost both their matches. This means the only one between Barbados and India will go ahead in the competition from Group A.

Both the teams defeated Pakistan while losing to Australia. Ahead of what promises to be a high-voltage encounter and with a place in the final four and a possible chance to be among the first medal winners in Women’s cricket at CWG, here is a stat-based prediction of the important events in the match and the winner of the game itself.

1. Toss Prediction

While India have won the toss once and lost on one other occasion at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Barbados have lost both their tosses at the Commonwealth Games so far. So predicting, India to win the toss ahead of this do-or-die match.

2. Win Possibility

Predicting India to win this match. Even though Barbados did not play any international match as a team before Commonwealth Games, they have some match winners in their team. However, going by the performances in this tournament, the only differentiator between Barbados and India so far is their net run rate and it is India who have a much better net run rate of +1.165 compared to Barbados which stands at -1.794.

3. Team of the Day

The Team of the Day is India. The way they dominated against Pakistan showed their class. Even against Australia they had reduced them to 4 down for under 50 runs but couldn’t hold on to that match. On the other hand, Barbados were completely outplayed against Australia.

4. Powerplay Score

The average powerplay score for Barbados in this tournament has been 33.5. So they are expected to score less than 40 runs in this match. On the other hand, with the kind of form Smriti Mandhana showed, India can easily fetch more than 40 runs in the first six overs.

5. Average score

The average score in this tournament in the first six matches completed without the full quota of 20 overs being reduced is 133.66. The highest score has been 167 while 64 is the lowest total so far.

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