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CWG 2022 Weightlifting: Vikas Thakur wins Silver medal in 96 Kg Men’s final

Thakur lifted a total of 346kg in the event.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 3 August 2022 12:28 am

Indian weightlifter Vikas Thakur wins the Silver medal in the 96 Kg Men’s final. He started the snatch round with a lift of 149 kg which was followed up by 153kg. He then put forth his best performance as he lifted 155 kg to finish third in the snatch round.

In the clean and jerk round, he kicked off the round with a lift of 187kg which was followed up by a massive 191kg attempt to secure the silver medal for India.

After the win, Vikas Thakur was elated with his performance and dedicated to his mother, Asha Devi Thakur, who had her birthday today. He said, “I’m very happy to have won my third CWG medal. Today also happens to be my mom’s (Asha Devi Thakur’s) birthday. I want to dedicate this medal to her.”

Thakur also addressed his shortcoming from the previous edition which was hosted in Gold Coast, Australia. He discussed how his injury held him back from performing well. He said, “Last time in 2018. I had to change my category and in 85kg Rahul (Venkat Ragala) had defeated him (Opeloge). I had an injury and had to play in 94kg and won the bronze (at Gold Coast).  It’s good for us that the standard is improving in CWG We have been dominating in this discipline. But we still have to work hard to achieve the world standard,” Thakur concluded.

Vikas Thakur started weightlifting in the year 2002 at the tender age of nine years. His first National competition was in 2006 and after that, he was inducted into the Indian National Camp in 2011 where he competed in his first International competition. Vikas’ father used to work as a farmer and hence found it very hard to support his son financially in his passion for weightlifting.

However, he always was Vikas’ inspiration to push for a career in sports. The Thakur family’s wishes were finally granted as Vikas’ father Mr B.L. Thakur got a job in the Indian Railways. The family became more financially stable and Vikas Thakur has continued to win medals for the country.


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