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Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik has issued an apology for the sexist remarks made by him on air during the second ODI between England and Sri Lanka. His words created a lot of chaos across social media among fans. Karthik mentioned in his apology that he got a lot of stick from his mother and wife for his comments and assured that this won’t happen again in the future from his side.

DK issues apology on air during the third ODI between England and Sri Lanka

Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik issued an apology to his comments during the third ODI between England & Sri Lanka. “From my side as well, I want to apologize for what happened last game. It's definitely not what I intended. It just got it all wrong. I want to apologize to everybody who heard that. I got a lot of stick from my mum and wife, actually, for saying that. It's definitely not the right thing to say. I am really sorry for that, it shouldn't happen again," Karthik said during the 20th over of the first innings on air.

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Earlier, the cricketer who recently made his commentary debut during the WTC final between India & New Zealand, was criticised by many for his sexist statement. “Batsmen and not liking bats, they go hand in hand. Most of the batters don’t seem to like their bats. They either like another person’s bat. Bats are like a neighbour’s wife. They always feel better," quoted the wicket-keeper batsman on air.

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Fans accept Karthik’s apology

Cricket fans across the world feel this was an honest mistake and Karthik didn’t mean to offend anyone with his remarks. Fans have appreciated the fact that Karthik will learn as he grows as a commentator and such mistakes will not happen again. “Good on @DineshKarthik to have apologized to everybody through his latest commentary stint @Skycricket on what he said last week,” tweeted one fan. “DK apologized on air. Kudos na @DineshKarthik,” said another.

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