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Don’t bring his spot into question: Robin Uthappa lashes out at Virat Kohli’s critics

T20 World Cup winner Robin Uthappa has asked Virat Kohli's critics to 'leave him alone and let him play cricket'.

Tanishq Sharma Author

Published on - 26 July 2022 6:33 pm

Former Indian skipper Virat Kohli is not having his best time in international cricket as he failed to score big against England which has led the cricket experts question his position in the Indian cricket squad. However, Chennai Super Kings batter Robin Uthappa has extended his support for Kohli and lashed out at his critics.

T20 World Cup winner Robin Uthappa has asked Virat Kohli’s critics, who questioned his position in the Indian squad, to ‘leave him alone and let him play cricket’.

While speaking on ShareChat’s Audio Chatroom session, Robin Uthappa said, “When he (Virat Kohli) was scoring runs, when he was hitting hundred after hundred, nobody said he should play like this or that. Now, I don’t think we have any right to tell him how to play. He has scored 70 hundreds thanks to his own abilities and he will score another 30 or 35 also on his own abilities.”

“We need to just leave him alone and let him play cricket. He knows what works best for him and I believe once he acknowledges his problem, he will be able to sort it out on his own. All we need to do is give him space to be himself,” he added.

Uthappa lashed out at cricket experts who are continuously suggesting him to take a break or play in certain series. “If he feels it is fit for him to take a break, then he can take a break. If he feels he has to play a certain series or tournament, allow him to play,” the 36-year-old CSK batter said.

Don’t bring his spot into question. He is a match-winner, one of the proven match-winners and he is the best in the world. We have no right and authority or no ground to stand on and question his ability to win matches or question his position in our team,” he added.


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