Don't use my comments for your dirty agenda: Neeraj Chopra slams everyone for making a big issue from his statement on Arshad Nadeem

With so much hate spreading on social media against his fellow athlete, India's javelin star was forced to put a video message on Twitter asking everyone to stop their agenda. 

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Updated - 26 August 2021 04:30 PM

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Indian javelin star Neeraj Chopra has been the talking point of the town for his heroics in Tokyo where he won country's first Olympic gold in athletics. However, things haven't been going as per the plans for the 23-year-old since his return to India. The youngster fell sick because of exhaustion and recently also expressed his disappointment on being forced to stop his training because of numerous functions that he had to attend, resulting in him missing out on the upcoming Diamond league.

It was a candid interview where Neeraj was expressing his feelings about the turn of events. However, things have been taken extremely out of proportion by the netizens on social media, especially with reference to his comments on Pakistan's javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem.

Reflecting on one of the incidents at Tokyo 2020, Chopra said, "I was searching for my javelin at the start of the final. I was not able to find it. Suddenly, I saw Arshad Nadeem was moving around with my javelin. Then I told him, 'Bhai give this javelin to me, it is my javelin! I have to throw with it'. He gave it back to me. That's why you must have seen I took my first throw hurriedly," as quoted by Times of India.

Fans begin agenda against Arshad Nadeem on social media

The statement from Neeraj Chopra became viral on social media in no time and fans started their agenda against Pakistan's Arshad Nadeem. While some claimed that it was a shameful act of stealing, others opined that the opponent was trying to tamper with the javelin. It had become a trending topic on Twitter with Indian fans slamming Pakistan's Arshad Nadeem and alleged him for cheating.

Watch the video here:

Neeraj requests fans to stop spreading hate in his name

Contrary to the claims that Neeraj's first attempt was affected because of Arshad, it must be noted that the 23-year-old produced a brilliant 87.03m in that throw which would have been enough to secure a gold medal for him. However, with so much hate spreading on social media against his fellow athlete, India's javelin star was forced to put a video message on Twitter asking everyone to stop their agenda.

Clarifying on his statement, Neeraj said, "It has been blown out of proportion. All the throwers can use our personal javelin as per rules. He (Arshad) was preparing for his throw with the javelin and there is nothing wrong with that. I just asked him for the javelin for my throw. There is no big deal. I am saddened with the fact that people are making it a big issue using my name. I request everyone to not do that."

Watch Neeraj's video message here:

Sports teach us to be together and united: Neeraj

Neeraj and Arshad share a good bond with each other which was for everyone to see during the medal ceremony at 2018 Asian Games. Nadeem considers Chopra as his 'idol' and had also posted a heartwarming message for him on Twitter after the finals at Tokyo 2020.

This is why it would have been very disheartening for Neeraj to see Arshad getting targeted by everyone for such a small thing. "Sports teach us to be together and united. All of us javelin throwers have a good bond among ourselves and are very friendly with each other. Don't say things which hurt us. Thank you," Neeraj concluded.


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