Picture Credit: Twitter/@drdisrespect

Call of Duty: Warzone has undoubtedly been one of the most popular games for last one year since its release on March 10, 2020. While the season 3 came with some new additions, the game has received a mixed response from its community. On one hand, some fans are loving it, on the other, some have been quite critical of it. Among the list of people who are not so pleased, famous streamer Dr Disrespect is at the top of that list.

Dr Disrespect has no more interest in playing the game

During a recent live stream, the American vented out all his frustration about the game and explained the reason behind him planning to quit playing COD: Warzone. The 39-year-old was quite vocal about the problems in the new season as he criticized the shelf-life, design and the audio.

He added, "I gotta stop playing it. I don’t get anything out of it anymore, at all, really... If it’s not obvious, it should be. I have no interest in playing this game. Specially with this map and season, they didn’t grab me, pull me in.” Notably, the fans and gamers across the globe were expecting an entirely new map in the new season that did not resemble Verdansk at all. However, it hasn't been the case.

Watch the video:

We needed a whole new design map: Dr Disrespect

While the Twitch streamer praised the game for few changes that the developers made, he also expressed his views about them not adding a new design map. He said, "The changes are cool but we wanted a completely new map and new feel. I think that was pretty disappointing."

Despite his rant, Dr Disrespect clarified that it's not the last time he was playing the game as he has one more tournament coming up. However, he did add that he might think about taking a break with Warzone post that. It will be really interesting to see how things turn out in the near future.