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Picture Credit: Twitter

A 26-second video has gone viral on the internet, wherein a duck took part in a Long Island Marathon in New York, which took place on Sunday. In this process, it registered a one-kilometre world duck record of 18 minutes and eight seconds.

Wrinkle, also known as ‘@seducktive’ on Instagram, shared the video with more than 500,00 followers and the viral video has amassed more than 450k views and 37k likes. In the video, the duck can be seen completing the marathon along with the other participants, which were humans. The video was captioned, “Wrinkle Finished a Marathon. Thanks so much to @limarathon for having Wrinkle as a special guest to run in the Long Island Marathon Weekend.

Watch the video:

The duck was seen wearing webbed-foot shoes, for extra cushioning during the marathon. When near the finish line, the duck was flapping its wings and received a medal as well. Then, the organizers provided water to Wrinkle and got their photos clicked.

Wrinkle, the duck, has been popular in New York with her presence in the running marathons. She had gained attention during the 50th edition of the New York City Marathon on November 7 last year as well.