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Editorial Policy

Being the first news aggregator app, SportsTiger, intends to provide well-curated news stories in 60 words, encompassing the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Why and Where) and 1H (How). In order to ensure that we deliver exceptionally good content, our editorial board has formulated some strict guidelines to regulate the content before finally publishing it on our platform.

Here are the main features of our editorial policy:

Precision is our priority

Providing a comprehensive description of a news report in 60 words raises questions on the veracity of the story. Keeping that factor in mind, our team provides accurate and authentic information by digging out the fundamental details of the story from diverse sources.

Attention to detail is our formula to attain credibility among the readers.

Our creators validate the facts and figures by understanding the story on various portals and then retrieving a precise news copy, without opinions.

Upholding the principle of ORIGINALITY

Writing a 60-word new story is a craft in itself. To polish that art, our team strives to ward off the biggest enemy of true writers – Plagiarism. Our writers are encouraged to stay within certain boundaries to produce original content.

We only focus on delivering the high-quality content material that is licensed by our partners (giving due credit to them).

Following the ideal standards of writing, plagiarism is strictly prohibited and our team incorporates anti-plagiarism software to eradicate even the slightest chances of using plagiarized content.

Holistic Assessment of the news stories

The content displayed on our app goes through a process of critical evaluation. Our editorial mantra is – Research, write, review, resubmit, and repeat!

  • Our writers undergo extensive research to fetch news from multiple sources.
  • After taking the crux of the story, the writers prepare a summarized news capsule within 60 words.
  • The first step of the assessment is Self -Review in which the content creator him/herself analyses the content through varied parameters – grammar, contextual formation, linguistic errors and more.
  • The second step involves the participation of the sub-editor and editor, who will keep a keen eye on how the content is developed and assure that the writers adhere to the editorial guidelines.
  • In addition to the manual examination, the content also undergoes the scrutiny of modern tools that we have to enhance the editing process. With the help of anti-plagiarism software, we perform a well-coordinated review of SGF (spell check, grammar, and facts) to produce error-free content on the platform.

Signature style guide

To avoid stylistic inconsistencies in our short news stories, our platform is designated to a proper set of rules orchestrated by our group of editors.

The duties and writing patterns of the content department are governed by the detailed editorial policy that throws light on the grammar style that each writer has to follow. For instance, our guidelines enlist the jargons or technical terms that are specific to a particular region.

If the content does not align with the style guide, the editor has the right to edit or return the content to the author for rework, and further review.

Valuing the exclusivity of IPs

We firmly believe in taking Intellectual Property (IP) Rights seriously and value others’ intellectual property as much as we respect ours.

As part of our review procedure, we ensure that the published content on our app (be it images, videos, or audios) is subject to appropriate copyrights. Therefore, we keep a check that our images utilized on the platform are available on open sources or used under a specific license.