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Fans slam media for a report claiming that Virat Kohli went against those players whose wives fought with Anushka Sharma

The huge allegations made against Kohli, without any credible sources, did not go down too well with the netizens on social media.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 21 December 2021 8:18 pm

The sacking of Virat Kohli as India’s ODI captain has certainly become a major talking point in the country. His press conference suggested that there has been a certain communication gap between him and BCCI which has led to various kinds of speculations going all over social media. However, a shocking news clip has now gone viral on internet which has expectedly angered the Indian cricket fans.

In the video, a senior journalist can be seen making some huge allegations against Kohli. While quoting the news as ‘reports’, he says that Kohli used to make all big decisions on his own which led to the other players going against him. He even went on to add that there are reports which says that players whose wives had any fights with Anushka Sharma, used to suffer in the team.

Watch the video here:

Some huge claims without any credible sources, that too coming from such a senior journalist of a big media firm, did not go down too well with the netizens as they came up with blasting comments on Twitter.

One of the users went on to joke that there will be a time in future when the kids of the players will also be brought in these controversies. In a hilarious claim, a netizen sarcastically predicted a news report from future where Hardik will be dropped from the side because Agastya took Vamika’s toy.

Reflecting on the claims of the report that Kohli never used to take a stand for any player, some of the fans were quick to point out various instances when the 33-year-old stood for his teammates (Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami etc.)

There was also a section of fans who were just left disappointed with the level of journalism in the country as they termed it as ‘propaganda’ against Kohli. One user even went on to state that ill-educated are more dangerous for the country than un-educated.


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