Fans want 100 medals from India and I want a Rolls-Royce for myself

Ask who is India's hockey captain. Ask who is India's cricket captain. You will know what I am trying to tell you. 

Vedant SharmaAuthor

Updated - 27 July 2021 12:26 PM


When that 1 sports period in school is generally borrowed by the Math teacher to complete the course, is it fair to ask for 100 medals? Well, after a couple of days of Tokyo Olympics 2020, and the first medal from Mirabai Chanu, the expectations have risen where Indian fans have started to expect at least 100 medals from India. The question here is - Is it fair to expect 100 medals from India?

Well, in a country where athletes are travelling 10 kilometres to catch train and practising at 3 in morning because villagers would question a girl training - I think it's unfair to expect. It's unfair because of the mindset we still have in our country, it's unfair because we come forward to support only when a big event comes, it's unfair to expect because 80% of Mirabai Chanu's followers followed her only after winning the medal. Oh wait, that's when we got to know that Mirabai exists.

Another athlete, Bhawna Jat, who comes from the same city as I do has had financial constraints all her life and as unfortunate as it is, if she fails to impress at Tokyo 2020, many would not even get to know from where is she coming from and what she has faced through her journey of representing India. And this isn't the case with only one athlete, it's with 80-85% of athletes representing our nation.

Well, now many would say how do you back this data? Just try a practice next time you meet a friend or colleague. Ask him 10 athletes who are representing our country. Just 10. When he/she fails to answer, ask him who made debut for India in 1st T20I against Sri Lanka? And then see how quickly they respond. Others who are able to give you 10 athletes, 70-80% will end up saying the same names. PV Sindhu, Mary Kom, Saurabh Chaudhary, etc. What about others? Ask who is India's hockey captain. Ask who is India's cricket captain. You will know what I am trying to tell you.

Well, it's not your fault.

Honestly, equipments, facilities, training are secondary. Until the mindset to support and follow an athlete changes in our country, unfortunately, we will keep on seeing single digit in medal tally.

If you still think India 'should' get at least 100 medals at Olympics then I want a Rolls-Royce too.

Is it waiting outside the door? Oh! It's not.

Support India throughout the year. Not just because of an event or they winning medals. Things will change.

Jai Hind.


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