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Ferrari staff refuse to celebrate with Carlos Sainz post British Grand Prix win

Charles Leclerc has criticized the team's decision to not pit him and hand quicker tyres.

Tanishq Sharma Author

Updated - 6 July 2022 9:51 pm

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz won his first F1 race at the British Grand Prix, however, Charles Leclerc slipped outside the podium to fourth place. This caused a lot of chaos in the Ferrari team resulting in the refusal of some of the staff members to attend the podium ceremony of Sainz.

Former Ferrari press officer Alberto Antonini has expressed his disappointment with the incident and said: “I have been told – and I trust the source – an ugly episode that occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Silverstone race.”

“Part of the Ferrari staff allegedly refused, at least initially, to attend the podium ceremony and photo op. If true, as I fear, this is not a good sign. A little healthy rivalry inside the garage is fine, it is fine for each mechanic and each technician to cheer for ‘his’ driver, but the common interest must be to aim to win,” he added.

Earlier, Leclerc had criticized the team’s decision to not pit him and hand quicker tyres. Leclerc said: “The amount of race time we have lost in this race is…oh my God. The only good thing about today is Carlos won but frickin’ hell, guys! Anyway, enjoy the victory.”

After the Silverstone race, the Scuderia driver was spotted in a heated exchange with team boss Mattia Binotto, who was continuously explaining Ferrari’s decision to keep him out on hard tyres.


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