Ferrari is reportedly mulling to bring in significant upgrades to their 2022 power unit one race earlier than initially planned. As per reports, the Scuderia are set to bring in upgraded ERS (Energy Recovery System) elements at the Miami GP next month. Experts have suggested that the upgrades mentioned above will undoubtedly get a potential boost and reliability to their already impressive power unit.

Reports have also claimed that the elements include the MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit- Kinetic) battery and control unit. As per the original upgrade, these elements were supposed to be introduced in round six of the current season in Spain. However, favourable results from the test reportedly convinced Maranello to bring forward the upgrade, especially as teams race to finalize their power unit specifications ahead of the scheduled developmental freeze.

Manufacturers have until the summer to finalize the speculations of their power units' hybrid systems before all developments are frozen in place. There will be some headroom reliability until the new power unit regulations kicks off in 2026.

Meanwhile, the Scuderia reportedly want to bring the new spec hybrid system forward to ensure Charles Leclerc's healthy lead over rival Max Verstappen is maintained. They reportedly want Leclerc to have some leeway to account for retirement or even a grid penalty later in the season.

Ferrari is reportedly introducing new floors to Imola despite the "no upgrades" policy and a specification floor to the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix this weekend to fix the F1-75's porpoising issues, despite the fact that the team has opted not to introduce any upgrades to Imola, considering first sprint race of the season, this week. Teams will only have one practice session to fine-tune their cars before the big race.