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Formula One is returning to Las Vegas after four decades for the 2023 season, and that is also under the famous neon lights. As stated earlier by Stefano Domenicali, Las Vegas will be known as the 'flagship race' in F1 within a year, the title which was previously reserved for the classic Monaco race.

Stefano's reportedly claimed, "Nobody puts on a party like Las Vegas, and I predict that this will be the iconic race, the flagship race, of F1 within a couple of years. It's emotion; it's passion, it's a business."

However, the development may bring dark clouds over the future of the most iconic and decorative Monaco circuit. In a shocking turn of events, Monaco Grand Prix, which has only missed out on hosting a race once in 68 years, that too only due to COVID-19, reports are suggesting that there's a possibility that Monaco may not be on the F1 calendar from 2023.

If reports to be believed, the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix may be the last opportunity when Formula One visits the iconic circuit. In the Missed Apex Podcast, Saward informed, "There is no contract for Monaco in Formula 1. Well, there is a contract this year. It could be the last one for Monaco."

Adding further, Saward elaborated, "Monaco has always had a cheap fee because it thinks it's more important than all the other races." As per Concorde Agreement, Formula 1 can host 25 races per year, and with Las Vegas now joining the race schedule, China and Qatar set to make a return next year, and several other races will have to bid adieu.

The Monaco circuit has been part of motorsport for years and has been setting for some of the fiercest four-wheeled fights. One of the most popular and most cherished moments came in the year 1993, when the late Ayrton Senna raced to victory, clinching a first-place finish in his McLaren MP4/8A. Sadly, it would be the last McLaren he got behind the wheel of before his untimely 1994 passing away.