Picture Credit: Epic Games

The latest buzz in the ESports arena is that Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite is nearing its end. The finals have already commenced with the aliens making their way to the island. However, this presents itself as a great opportunity for gamers to level up the Battle Pass, complete the pending questlines as well as spend the Gold Bars. Meanwhile, it should be highlighted that the XP challenges for Week 12 have also arrived and players who have been struggling to gain XP in the current season can test their skills one last time.

But for peeps unable to complete all the Epic and Legendary quests for this week, here is how one can do it. Notably, one needs to spend 6000 Gold Bars to complete the legendary quest for this week. This quest stretches across 5 stages which include 1200, 2400, 3600, 4800, and 6000 bars. Now, the most efficient way of spending Gold Bars is to visit the NPC's that upgrade weapons. These are - Bandolette; Jonesy The First; Dummy; The Reaper; Remedy and Jules.

Ideal time to heavily spend them on Exotics and weapon upgrades

Meanwhile, here are the epic quests that one must complete for getting all the XP in Week 12. While one is in The Spire above the central guardian tower. One can visit compact cars to collect mechanical parts and then find makeshift pistols to craft the desired weapons. In addition, one can go to any guardian tower in the Primal Region and interact with the boss.

Other noteworthy quests would be locating Raptors which can be found in many areas on the map, prominently in areas of mountain peaks and woods. Visiting the jungle near Colossal Crops to find Boars and making sure to eliminate some chickens and craft Hunter’s Cloak and Grabbing a chicken from any nearby area and visit colossal crops are other such quests.

It should be further noted that several artefacts are spread across both Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle and one could land on these POIs and search the central areas and buildings.

Since the bars will be reset with the arrival of the new season, this is the ideal time to heavily spend on Exotics and weapon upgrades.